Ingress Intel Total Conversion

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Welcome to the home page of IITC.

IITC is a browser add-on that modifies the Ingress intel map. It is faster than the standard site, and offers many more features. It is available for desktop browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, and as a mobile application.

Latest news

12th September 2015

IITC 0.25.0 has been released. This is a critical update to fix things after a Niantic site update.

Other changes include

  • "Placeholder portals". Like stock intel, IITC creates clickable portals at the end of links. Portal highlighters won't work on these as they don't contain enough information
  • Artifacts loading fixed after a change in data format by Niantic
  • 'show-more-portals' plugin is no longer required - Niantic now return all portals at zoom 15, rather than zoom 17
  • New plugin: "cache-details-on-map". Caches the portal details as you select portals, and keeps these portals on the map even when you zoom out
  • and other tweaks/bugfixes
Update 17th September 2015

IITC 0.25.1 released. This fixes search not working after MapQuest made a change to their API.

Update 2nd October 2016

IITC 0.25.2 released. This fixes loading IITC after Niantic stopped redirecting ingress.com to www.ingress.com.

Older news
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